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High-caliber Dog Treats & Chews

Don't settle on your dog's health! Load up with a variety of human-grade, all-natural, freeze-dried treats & chews to fuel your furry four-legged friend's next mission. Crafted in the USA.

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our targeted process

Raw human grade protein

Our RAW human grade proteins use USDA inspected meats and are crafted in the USA for our dog treats and toppers.


Our team freeze-dry our protein cuts low and slow and preserve up to 97% of the minerals / vitamins and nutrients naturally occurring in our high-caliber treats.

no junk added

Our disciplined process removes moisture and preserves our treats in their natural state with nothing artificial. We never add chemicals, additives, or preservatives!

Why freeze-dried raw

Freeze-drying supports overall dog health with high-quality protein. The process maximizes nutrient retention and concentrates natural flavors for enjoyment.

Your pup is our mission. Whether your furry friend is downrange fighting for our freedom or playing in the backyard, proper nutrition is paramount! To help keep your pup in the fight, our philosophy is to provide them with an arsenal of healthy diet options similar to what their ancestors ate in the wild.


About Us

FIDO OPS crafts high-caliber dog treats for America’s pups. We develop our premium dog treats with the same focus we picked up in the military and are dedicated to supporting those who placed their lives on the line for us and our way of life. With your every purchase, we give back.


About Operations

Targeted results

I like the logo, treats, and naming convention using rounds instead of something boring like bites, bits, etc. My Italian Mastiff crushes the mixed-caliber chicken. Great stuff.

B. Kenisha

Send resupply immediately! The ammunition is on point. My Black Lab could not get enough of the large beef liver Freedom Rounds.

B. Kyle

Incredible product. The small training treats work great for redirecting and training my pup. Perfect size. Legit!

C. Livingston

Great product for rewarding my dog. Worked really well as a chow topper! Semper Fi!