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At Fido Ops we are extremely proud of the disciplined approach towards sourcing, processing, quality-control, and safety we leverage to support America’s pups. Our treats use human-grade quality USDA certified meats from Calumet Meats and Tip Top Poultry. We craft our small fresh batches of single-ingredient treats at our manufacturing facility based in Pittsfield, MA. To ensure the safety of America's pups, every treat batch is tested for the presence of harmful bacteria like E-Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. No treats leave our facility until cleared safe for pup consumption.


Our objective is to arm America’s pups with an arsenal of safe and healthy diet options similar to what their ancestors ate in the wild. Our manufacturing facility complies with FDA and State Health Department standards while also leveraging third-party audits for food safety. We responsibly source human-grade ingredients in order to provide unmatched high-caliber dog treats. Our focus and approach to safety and treat quality is grounded in the same discipline we picked up in the Military.