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Founded in 2018 by former U.S. Army Engineer Brendan McNichol, FIDO OPS started as a passion project on his N.J. farm, creating fresh batches of dog treats for his pups Thor, Bella, Lili, and Loki. Our objective today remains the same as when Brendan started, arming pups with an arsenal of healthy diet options similar to what their ancestors ate in the wild. Today, FIDO OPS is more than just high-caliber dog treats and chews. FIDO OPS is a Veteran owned and operated organization dedicated to supporting initiatives that empower Veterans, Military members, and First Responders in need.

Our Content

At FIDO OPS, we have an unwavering love for America and furry four-legged barking operators. Whether you are looking for a fun time, training rounds, or just want to check out some ridiculous puppy memes; our content is crafted to delight, educate, and inspire. There is no shortage of puppy content within the FIDO OPS community. Check out FIDO OPS’ social media channels for content about inspiring dogs of war, heart-melting puppy photos, or educational content to augment your pup’s operations.


The name Fido comes from the Latin word fidus, meaning “trustworthy” or “faithful." Throughout history Fido has been a popular dog name because it is like calling your dog Trusty or Faithful. Our Veteran Owned & Operated business Fido Ops stands for Faithful-Dog Operations. We are dedicated to crafting healthy dog treats and supporting initiatives that empower Veterans, Military Members, and First Responders in need.

~Brendan McNichol - Founder, Veteran, & Owner

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